Tropaeolum Majus
Indian Cress

“They flash upon that inward eye” – William Wordsworth


“Flashes the golden-coloured flower

A fair electric flame “

– Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Salt Indian Cress has a high vitamin C-content , a natural antibiotic. Good for colds, the flu and urinary tract infections.



Mercury Indian Cress is strengthening for the immunesystem. It´s flashing bright colored flowers bring strength, joy and spice to life.


Sulphur Indian Cress is a transformer.By turning bland, mundane experiences into ones that are spicy and dynamic. Especially at dusk, the orange flowers may appear to emit small “flashes”. Once believed to be an electrical phenomenon, it is today thought to be an optical reaction in the human eye caused by the contrast between the orange flowers and the surrounding green. The phenomenon is named after Elisabeth Christina von Linné, one of Carl Linnaeus's daughters, who discovered it at age 19 and wrote a paper that was included as a reference in Erasmus Darwin´s “The botanic garden, part II, containing the loves of the plants “. Elizabeth Linnaeus came, through Darwin, to influence the pioneers of English Romantic poetry.





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