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About Alchemillas Apotek



Alchemillas Apotek (apothecary) is a practice by Lisa Jeannin, located in the forest of Hakebo, Sweden.

Lisa is an artist with a passion for alchemy and the healing power of plants. The herbs are her teachers and co-creators in this practice. She lives and work in close connection with the plant-kingdom.

All her spagyric products are organic, ethically foraged in the wild or grown in her garden. Sometimes friends bring plants that they have grown or collected on travels and in some cases she buys dried organic plants from reliable sources.

For the majority Lisa uses fresh plants in her practice, as the viriditas, the green life-force of the plants are harvested in tune with the celestial forces. The spagyric operations are timed astrologically with the phases of the moon and its orbit through the signs of the zodiac.

Lisa follows the cycles of nature and works in ceremony as close to the earth as to the stars. She brings the plants into her lab and guides them through the initiatic processes of transforming into spagyric tinctures.


The intelligence of nature is at the centre of this practice.

Lisa studied with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, Alkemiska Akademin, European Northern Ayurveda School, alongside with personal research and practice of alchemy, healing and medicinal plants.

“Alchemy is the gentle acceleration of growth through the use of the fire of nature” – Paracelsus





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