Self-Heal initiates selftransformation. On all levels. In chinese medicine, all-heal is usually prescribed for liver-support, also for children.

It is a woundhealer and antibacterial.

Good for sore throat.


The 17th-century botanist, herbalist, physician and astrologer Nicholas Culpeper wrote that the plant is called Self-Heal because ‘when you are hurt, you may heal yourself’. He was a physician of the people and treated the poor free of charge.

Like me he also found that it is sad that the soul is often completely forgotten within allopathic medicine.


“Many a times I find my patients disturbed by trouble of Conscience or Sorrow, and I have to act the Divine before I can be the Physician. In fact our greatest skill lies in the infusion of Hopes, to induce confidence and peace of mind.”

I believe that All-Heal can motivate and help us listen to our own inner guidence. To tune in to better understand how we can live through disease and trauma and get the power to self-heal.


I made a flower-essence according to Dr Bach , a  direct sun-light infusion, the day I understood what the teachings of All-Heal is about. I connect this flower to the planet Jupiter. It is about hope and the will to selftransformation and grow through the difficulties of life.

All-Heal helps us in knowing what we need to take care of and do for ourselves to be able to heal.




Spagyric tincture of Prunella Vulgaris.


Contains also a flower remedy according to the methods of  Dr Bach of Prunella Vulgaris.

Take 7 drops when in need.