“I am most glad I loved thee—think of all
The suns that go to make one speedwell blue! – Oscar Wilde


Speedwell was highly regarded as THE herb for a speedy recovery in the times of the roman empire. It has since a hundred years ago been sort of forgotten in the world of healing.

It is primarly used for respiratory troubles, cough. It is an expectorant , it dispells mucus. Speedwell is also healing for ulcers,  it enhances the regeneration of the gastric mucosa. It was famous for healing the lungs as well, and research is going on on this topic.


Maria Treben recommends it for nervousness caused by mental exhaustion.  In my opinion it is grounding and brings a lightness at the same time, your chakras seem to align themselves from the bottom to the top.  It contains the glycoside, scutellarin, named after our calming friend, Skullcap.

I have both Skullcap and Speedwell in my Stop Smoking Support.


Maria Treben also wrote that the most powerful Speedwell you can harvest grow under oaktrees.
In our garden there grows an abundance of Speedwell under our old oaktree and they are the ones I use in the spagyric tincture.  I also add a few spiked Speedwells that came from the south of France brought here by french monks who came here in  1143 when Bernard de Clairvaux founded Alvastra Abbey, a Cistercian order close to where I live. These spiked Speedwells grows in the place of  the ruin of the Abbey  where the monks used to dance a labyrinthic dance in praise of the Black Madonna.




Spagyric tincture of Veronica Officinalis.

Take 7 drops when in need.

The color of the tincture is red like the Root-chakra and the purple color of the flowers of the Common Speedwell is crown-chakra.


(The color of the Spiked Speedwell is more blue than purple and therefore has a correspondance with the throat-chakra.) Here is  the ruin of Alvastra Abbey where the Veronica Spicata grows. Photo: Stefano Gramitto Ricci, found online.

The oaktree and our house in the wintertime.