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Sacred herb of the druids.


Bitter tonic – good for digestion, moving stuck liver energy, nervine – good for burnt-out nervous system, relaxant – especially for tension in the neck, shoulder, head region, very good for painful menses and PMS, also for hot flashes.



Vervain helps the entrepreneur to unwind and stop working at home. It is indicated for list makers, for people with mental excess as it moves the energy downwards and works as a remedy of embodiment. Vervain people tend to neglect themselves, they forget to eat, drink water, clean the house, exercise etc.

Instead they tunnel vision on their goal and loose sight of other important facets of their life which can fall wayside.



Indicated for driven visionaries that can burn out from over exhaustion yet be constantly striving. Vervain helps the soul to center and ground its tremendous enthusiasm. The body becomes a natural regulator and harmoniser for the abundant spiritual forces that pour out of such a person, a soul that is able to inspire, lead and heal others.



Spagyric tincture of Verbena Officinalis.

Do not use when pregnant.

Take 5 drops directly on the tongue (very bitter!) or in a little room temp water or tea when needed.


Verbena Officinalis