Shines in places where the sun don´t shine


Calendula is indicated for damp/stagnation and heat from cold. A tissue may become depressed in function and the vital force want´s to activate and get it moving by initiating an inflammatory response. So there is heat from cold and damp.

Calendula is good for antibiotic trauma, leaky gut syndrome and food intolerances. It is also good for lymphatic swelling and great when there is a residual sluggish feeling after a flu, low energy and swollen lymphnodes. It moves the debris out of the system, dead white bloodcells and bacterial cells.


When there is a food intolerance triangle, one experiences mood energy symptoms, food intolerance and joint pain or skin issues. Beer-belly, gluten-belly.

Call for Calendula! It is a bitter tonic that works on the liver and helps with digestive imbalance.

Calendula is good for anxiety and depression especially when accompanied by these other symptoms.


Calendula is moving what has stagnated in our defense system , also on a psycho-spiritual level. Reclaiming ones boundaries and making full use of the energy we allready possess. It has to do with recognizing and using our wealth . Calendual can live everywhere. It teaches the magic of universal opportuinty. Prosperity and abundance is available to all of us no matter of the socio-economic situation.

The energy is connected to the solar archetype of Apollo. The light of the inner sun!


Spagyric tincture of Calendula Officinalis.

Take 7 drops 1-3 times a day dierctly on the tongue or in a little warm water when in need.

foto: Ewa de Mahina