Thyme and Space Elixir

THYMUS VULGARIS The spagyric tincture contains Essential oil, spirit, and purified mineral salts of Thymus Vulgaris Ruled by Venus Thymos means strength in Greek. Thyme is suited to cold, inactive conditions where there are tendencies to chills, shivering, putrefaction, sepsis and stagnant stuck mucus. It has proved effective against very serious inefective organisms such as anthrax, typhoid and diphteria. It … Read More

Light in the Dark Elixir

*LIGHT IN THE DARK* Elixir for the melancholia of the dark winter Refered to as Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter Depression Transform the Darkness to Light The Light in the Dark Elixir is a synthesis of Sun, Mercury and Mars properties A merging of Chinese, Indian and Western Alchemy Spagyric Tincture containing the spirit, soul and purified mineral salts of … Read More

St. Johns Wort Elixir

HYPERICUM PERFORATUM ST. JOHNS WORT Hypericum Perforatum is a perennial found over much of the world. It is fondest of sunny places, southern slopes for example and dry soils. It has leaves set in pairs along the stems , and bright yellow, five-petaled flowers that bloom from june to september. The petals are dotted with little perforations. This indicates one … Read More

Quintessential Lifeforce Elixir

Kvintessenssens Livskraft/ Quintessential Lifeforce This is a useful formula when you want to engage in heartcentered communication with nature via the electro magnetic field that radiates from all living beings which can be percieved through the heart. The etherical tuning in. Facilitates non linear, visionary experiences, dreams and intuitions. Tap into the intelligence directly from the heart of nature, connect … Read More


Spagyrics is the practical application of the cosmology of alchemy. One is theory, the other is practice. Spagyrics is a process of creating philosophical medicines that are made in harmony with the nature of the substance being worked with- mainly minerals, metals and plants. In this case plants. The word spagyrics comes from two Greek words “Spao” meaning to separate, … Read More

Alchemilla Apothecary

WELCOME TO ALCHEMILLA   APOTHECARY ! Spagyric Tinctures  Also called Elixirs     * Initiatic Plantmedicine for vibrant health  and spiritual evolution     * I use fresh herbs as much as possible Wildcrafted with respect grown organically  in my garden or otherwise  dried organic  herbs from reliable sources     * Artisanally made in the  forest of Hakebo, Sweden In accordance with Traditional … Read More

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