“Hundred Husbands”



Shatavari is one of the famous ayurvedic herbs. It is a main building tonic for women. It is rejuvenative for the female reproductive tract and builds the blood.

This herb is used as a moisturizer for the membranes of the lungs, digestive tract, the kidney and the urinary tract.


Shatavari reduces stress. It attunes us with our inner goddess.



This herb increases fertility , increases immunesystem, increase milk and sexual secretions and is an aphrodisiac. It is helpful in menopause, hormonal symptoms such as PMS, menstrual cramps, mood changes, hot flashes.


Spagyric tincture of Asparagus Racemosus.

Can be taken through out a lifetime daily, 7 drops in a little water, directly on the tongue or in warm milk.

I like to take it in warm milk with rose petals, a little nutmeg, vanilla and honey as a nightcap.