Calluna Vulgaris

Heather is said to grow over the final resting place of Faeries.


In recent years heather has been used successfully, to treat rheumatic pains.

The reason for this is probably because it contains a substance that removes excess uric acid from the body. Heather may be used as both an antiseptic and detoxifier. It is nice in warm water with honey for a sore throat. It contains many minerals and is considered a fertility plant.


Heather is a mild sedative and can be good to sleep on, taken internally as well as inside a dream pillow or mattress. It is good for the nerves and the heart.



The virtues of a mattress made from Scottish heather were described by King James VI's tutor, George Buchanan:

'…… so pleasant, that it may vie in softness with the finest down, while in salubrity it far exceeds it…. and restores strength to fatigued nerves, so that those who lie down languid and weary in the evening, arise in the morning vigorous and sprightly.'



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