Hypericum Perforatum
St John´s Wort

Prepared on the Solar Return of St John the Baptist the 24th of june.


St John´s wort is used for melancholia, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and is also good for mental burnout.

It is a stomach normalizer applicable in both hyperacidity and hypoacidity. When the gut is in balance – intuitions are stronger.


St John´s wort lights up the solar plexus chakra, the inner sun. The signature of this flower is also indicating this, the yellow color and it´s rays of light-looking little antennas in the centre of the flower. It gives a centered energy, joy, focus and has a powerful effect on the nervous system. It strengthens the animal instinct in the gut, to trust the intuition.


The petals are dotted with little perforations. This indicates another one of Hypericum Perforatum´s properties: It is used for leaky energy. When energy is leaking from us, it becomes easier to pick up on the energy of others, making us feel tired and drained. This magical plant fills up these energetic holes and centers us so our energy stays within us and we no longer pick up on unwanted vibes or fall under the domination of untoward people.

150 kr