Amazonian dream teacher.


Guayusa is a cousin plant to Yerba Mate, and elicits similar benefits including natural caffeine that energizes without the resultant jitters or crash associated with other caffeinated drinks like coffee. Guayusa is full of antioxidants, more so than in green tea. Guayusa aids in digestion and boosts metabolism.



Guayusa, or “Wayusa,” is known within the Kichwa community to awaken the spirit, bring peace to the body, and stimulate the mind. It will also induce vivid and lucid dreaming if you drink it at night. Legend has it, that the Kichwa tribe prayed for a plant that could help them connect to the dream world. When they awoke in the morning, there was a guayusa plant in front of them.



The Spirit of Guayusa is an amazing teacher! I decided to turn these magical leaves into a spagyric tincture, extracting in a strong decoction from snow and maceration in 40% alcohol and it turned out very well! I transformed the snow when the new moon was in pisces into a strong Guayusa tea to help us integrate the teachings of our dreams.


150 kr