Hydrosol of Rosmarinus officinalis

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Oh Rosemary, i love you!
Distilling the last Rosemary of my garden. A Rosemary spagyric tincture is also available. You can read about it on the blog further down.
I offer Hydrosol of organic Rosmarinus officinalis
30 ml in a brown glass bottle with spray pump. 60 kr + shipping
Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant.
It stimulates the liver and gallbladder, promoting release of bile and aiding digestion.
It is also useful during a fast or cleanse to reduce hunger and aid detoxification. Add a teaspoon to a glass of water. It is delicious to cook with.
It is a mental and physical stimulant. It makes a good coffee substitute for those wanting to cut down on caffeine.
It is good for memory and dreamrecall.
I connect it with the crownchakra.
Avoid in cases of high bloodpreassure and the first trimester of pregnancy.

Preparing to distill Rosmarinus Officinalis, harvested at the solar hour this morning. Rosemary is a solar plant – lighening up the solarplexus moving up lightening up the heart and moving up lightening up the third eye and crown chakra with it´s magical fragrance and powerful memoryenhancing abilities.

Distilling Rosemary essential oil and hydrosol. The aroma is wonderful, more floral than the taste. A bit citrusy.

 Beautiful logo by Charlotte Koopman. 30 ml brown glass bottle with spraypump. 60 kr + shipping.
Contact me to order: turtleok@hotmail.com