Passiflora Incarnata Spagyric Elixir

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Passionflower was discovered by Spanish Jesuits in Peru in the 17th
century and brought back to Europe. Of course this was not the
discovery of this magical plant, the Peruvians used the flower as a
sedative long before the Jesuits came there. Once it spread to Europe,
it was used to treat restlessness and agitation, along with other
ailments like indigestion and seizures. Today, it’s commonly used to
treat anxiety.
The Spagyrisist and Alchemist talk of the Signature of a plant. SignNature, Signs of Nature. Nature communicates with us through signs, colors, shapes etc.
Purple and white coloration often has to do with the nervoussystem, the crownchakra .
Another signature is the spiraling little tendrils and that
passionflowers are vines growing in upward spirals. . Passionflower is
excellent to help the mind from going in loops. Very good for people
that lie awake thinking in loops, unable to mellow down enough to relax
and fall asleep. Repetitive and compulsive thoughts. I have used it in
formulas for OCD that according to the ones that tried it work.
spiralling signature can also be connected to the planet Uranus who
travels in a spiraling orbit . The sign Aquarius is ruled by this Planet
that emanates a truly electrical energy .
An overly busy mind can lead to tension and anxiety if it spirals out of control.
Passionflower is your friend if this is the case, to move down into
intuition, down into the body if you are too much up in the mind for
your own good.

The Wounded Healer
When I was young I went through a psychosis that lead to a period of
depression. I had to stay in a mentalhospital for a while. My friends
took me to a gardeningstore to get me out on an excursion away from the
hospital where i was very unhappy to be. There were many plants and from
all of them I picked a passionflower to bring back to the hospital to
keep me company. Just to be in the presence of this magical flower
helped me get out of this looping state of mind and spiraling energy so
I could get out of that hospital. I did not know with my mind that this
flower helped the condition I was struggeling with , but obviously my
heart knew . Plants come into your life for a reason.
I have prepared a spagyric tincture of this incredible flower on the mercurial wednesdays.
You can order from me by writing to
The spagyric elixir contains the tincture and the purified
mineralsalts of Passiflora Incarnata and works on the mind, soul and
body simultaneously.
10 ml 150 kr + shipping
Do not use if pregnant and consult your doctor if you take prescribed medication.