Spagyric Elixir of Wild Rose

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Elixir of Wild Rose
This is one of the most profound Spagyric
Tinctures I have made. It is the secret of the heart. A rose is a rose is a
First and all the Rose is a healer for the
It evokes beauty, openness and gentleness. The
petals unfolding at it´s centre just as our hearts unfold in spiritual
When I prepare a Spagyric Elixir with Rose I
always add a thorn, which is the protection of this flower.
Through our own trials and experiences of love
or lack of love we construct various forms of protection around the sacred
chambers of our hearts. For as blissful, radiant and enlightening it can be to
open the heart as dark, painful and saddening it is when the heart is closed or
The medicine of the Rose is healing to the
emotional heart as well as a remedy for the physical circulatory system. It is
a cardio-tonic.
Rose is also a brain-tonic known to be a
medhya in Ayurveda , that is, it enhances 
dhi dritti smriti. These are the 3 primary functions of the brain for
the actions of registering, storing and recalling knowledge and information.
When they are operating in a balanced and coordinated manner, the brain is in a
stress-free state of bliss.
Here is some more information of the Rose from
the Ayurvedic perspective:
Uplifts spiritually: A unique property rose
has is called “Som Nasya Janana.” This means that rose creates good
coordination between the mind and Satwa, the light of the soul, so it’s an
instant bliss generator!
Strengthens the stomach: according to
Ayurveda, rose is balakarika, meaning it strengthens the stomach, intestine and
liver organ systems. Bala means strength. In addition, due to its deepana
properties, it balances appetite. It is also pachana – it enhances overall
Balances the metabolism: consuming rose petal
products is particularly beneficial when people have high pitta and high vata
imbalances. These imbalances are also usually associated with low agni or low
metabolic fire in the stomach and tissues. Low agni results in toxic build-up,
weight gain, body aches and pains, etc. Eating rose will pacify these two
doshas and help reset the physiology on its way to blissful balance.
Did you know that a rose not only pacifies
your sadhak pitta – even as it balances your sadhak agni – but also carries a
“somnasya jana” or bliss-enhancing property in its aroma? These properties
bestow upon rose its supreme position in the flower kingdom.  This is probably why our hearts open
wide to love when we see or smell a rose, or when we eat its petals.
In Ayurveda, we know that sadhak pitta is the
pitta subdosha that governs the emotions in the heart. It is aided by sadhak
agni, the metabolic principle, sitting in the heart, that helps us “digest” and
“process” emotions and thoughts. When sadhak pitta and sadhak agni are out of
balance, we will tend to feel down and blue, unable to appreciate or enjoy
anything. We may try hard as we can to chase away the blues, mentally listing
things we know we are grateful for, our heart will not follow suit and allow us
the liberating feeling of gratitude unless we balance sadhak pitta and
re-ignite sadhak agni.
In life, many times even though things maybe
be going great or smooth, if our sadhak pitta is aggravated due to external
circumstances – stress from work; sleep deprivation; a fatigued overworked
physiology; family pressures; etc, we may feel down and lack the readiness to
tackle a new day, or our projects, with zest. Things can be even more
challenging in conjugal life, if one partner’s sadhak pitta is off and the other
just can’t understand why he or she is not able to enjoy or appreciate…
Aggravation of sadhak pitta is common. When sadhak pitta is aggravated,
our outlook on life will remain grim and grey despite our best mental and other
efforts. Or we may just not feel up to anything. Sadhak pitta aggravation takes
the spark out of life.
Nurtures and Supports Beautiful Skin. When
taken internally, it purifies the sweat of hot acidic toxins that cause harm on
the surface of the skin when a person sweats.
Supports everlasting youth: Rose is also known
by the name “taruni” – ever young. Because it pacifies pitta dosha, soothes our
emotions, supports the metabolic fires, aids in elimination, and acts as a
youthelixir for the heart – it is commonly known to help keep us younger and
I have prepared  the Spagyric Elixir of Wild Rose on fridays, the day of the
week governed by planet Venus. Venus stands for love, beauty, creativity and
I have made a Formula for Healing the
Emotional Heart. It is especially good for those with a broken heart , or
recovering after a traumatic experience.
Both the Spagyric Tincture of the Wild Rose
Containing the spirit (tinctture) soul
(essential oil) and body (calcinated and purified, through fire and water, mineral
salts ) of the Wild Rose
And the Healing the Emotional Heart
Containing the spirit (tinctture) soul
(essential oil) and body (calcinated and purified, through fire and water,
mineral salts ) of  Wild Rose,
Lemon Balm and Yarrow
Can be ordered by writing me :

10 ml costs 150 kr + shipping