Milky Oats

150 kr

“Joy all creatures drink
At nature's bosoms…” ~ Friedrich von Schiller


The oat is harvested in its milky stage when it is green and contains a milky substance which is highly nourishing. It is especially soothing for a burnt-out nervous system. It is deeply healing for the frazzled nerves and also for a crashed stomach, perhaps if the gut is unbalanced after antibiotics.

Milky oats is also beneficial for persons with deficiencies or malnourishment. It is also a demulcent. Milky oats is a nervine tonic and trophorestorative.


A burned-out person needs to rest and does not benefit from adaptogenes, to come back to the same stressful life that caused the burn-out. A burned-out person benefits from nourishing the body, mind and soul to be able to handle life with an inner calm and knowing when it is time to slow down and how to make priorities.


Milky oats is ideal for people with overactive crown chakras, tending towards nervousness, anxiety, and high levels of sensitivity to the environment. Milky oats is also helpful when dealing with depression.

Milky oats is often helpful for people struggling with addiction. Addiction is often at the root about lack of nourishment on a soul level. One thinks that there is something lacking to be able to be satisfied without the addiction, because one is afraid there is not enough nourishment in other ways.

Milky oats is an energizer, but it does this cumulatively, building energy slowly and consistently by deeply nourishing the entire body. It alleviates both physical and nervous fatigue. It is metaphorically nursing directly from Mother Earth.


Spagyric tincture of Avena Sativa.

Take 7-20 drops 1-3 times a day in a little warm water. Combines very well with Gotu Kola, St John’s Wort or Skullcap.

Many sources say that milky oats should not be taken by persons allergic to gluten, but that it often is OK for the gluten intolerant. Use your own judgement.

Avena Sativa