7 Chakras, Alchemillas Apotek
7 Chakras

This is a series of spagyric formulas dedicated to the 7 chakras.

The seven chakras are the centers through which energy flows in our bodies. The chakras can be described as spinning wheels of light. In sanskrit chakra means circle, symbolising the endless rotation of shakti.

The spagyric formulas created for each chakra can be used in many different ways.
Create your own practice and rituals.
Perhaps chant the mantra or seed-sound corresponding to each chakra, visualize the color or yantra, do yoga connected to each chakra or just connect with the chakra within.
There may be a few chakras needing extra attention and strengthening and one decides to work with those for a while.

There is much information on the word wide web if you need to research. A good book is “Wheels of Life” by Anodea Judith. I write a few keywords to each chakra-elixir, starting from the root and ending at the crown.

All chakras at a special price 700 kr + shipping.
Otherwise 150 kr each, please specify which ones you want to order.

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Gallium Aparine

“Life in us is like the water in a river. ”

– Henry David Thoreau

Cleavers supports the flow of the fluids of the body such as the flow of the lymphatic system. It supports the kidneys and urinary tract . Cleavers strengthens the immune system. It gets stagnant chi (life force) moving where it has accumulated in hot spots.


Cleavers also works on the flow of emotions, to be fluid, flexible and to help us in breaking patterns and relationships one has been clinging on to but is no longer beneficial. This is a signature as cleavers clings to everything that comes in it´s way like velcro.

I have found it to be helpful for smokers to quit the habit and even more so for balancing relationships where one person is clinging and the other one is taking a distance.


Cleavers may be beneficial in writers block and when one feels stuck artistically.

Cleavers has to do with flow and creativity on all levels.

150 kr