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 The new year has begun. I am busy making elixirs as usual but I have more orders nowdays. Thank you everybody that has been supporting me. I have many returning customers and I am very happy that my elixirs have helped customers with insomnia, to stop smoking and many other things.
(To be more independent, love themselves etc. This is the initiatic aspect of spagyrics. Plants are teachers of the soul.)

Part of the Spagyric process. The plants that have been macerating in alcohol are not composted. This is what is the main difference between spagyrics and ordinary tinctures. Instead the macerated plants  are burned down to an ash and purified through distilled water or hydrosol of the herb being worked with. Recombined ; the essential oil (the sulfur aspect in Alchemy, the soul ) the tincture (the spirit) and the purified mineralcrystals (referred to as the Salt principle in Alchemy, the body) are the parts of  the  elixir separated and worked on separately and recombined in an exalted form.

Here is the Spagyric Elixir of Rosemary, extracted in this way. Making it a potent remedy working on mind, soul and body simultaneously. This is why Spagyric Tinctures are referred to as Initiatic Plantmedicine.

Solve et Coagula –
To separate and reunite

News for this year is that elixirs from Alchemillas Apotek can be purchased at Yantra Ayurveda in Adelöv.

You can still order directly from me or from my webshop.
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