VALERIANA OFFICINALIS “Without phosphorus there would be no thought.” — Jacob Moleschott Salt: Valerian is a remedy for insomnia, to relax muscles and ease pain. Mercury: It is especially indicated for spinal pain and people who holds anger inside, causing a knotted feeling in the stomach or low back. Sulphur: The root of Valerian glows in the dark of … Read More

Crataegus Oxyacantha

  CRATAEGUS OXYACANTHA  “It’s only with the heart one sees clearly, for what’s essential is invisible to the eye.” –        Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Salt: Hawthornberry is a heart-tonic for the physical heart including arteries and veins. It has a normalizing effect on cholesterols and the coronary circulation. Hawthorn improves the nutrition, energy reserve, and energy release of the heart muscle. … Read More


  ARTEMISIA VULGARIS Artemis- goddess of the moon and mother of nature Salt: Mugwort is a womb herb, used for PMS, menstrual pain and too much bleeding during menses. Mugwort can help people sensitive to light and noice, restless sleepers and  sleepwalkers. It is also indicated for anemia. Mercury: Good for memory especially for people who can´t remember simple words, … Read More


Finally there is a website! More will be listed in the beginning of 2017 and all will be translated to swedish. Please visit and explore. Under singular spagyric tinctures , all are listed in planetary order. So if you click on the glyph of the sun, all solar herbs show up. You can also sign up for the newsletter on … Read More

Indian Cress

  Tropaeolum Majus “They flash upon that inward eye” – William Wordsworth “Flashes the golden-coloured flower  A fair electric flame “ – Coleridge. Salt: Indian Cress has a high vitamin C-content , a  natural antibiotic. Good for colds, the flu and urinary tract infections. Mercury: Indian Cress is strengthening for the immunesystem. It´s flashing bright colored flowers bring strength, joy … Read More

Calluna Vulgaris

  Calluna Vulgaris Heather is said to grow over the final resting place of Faeries. Salt:In recent years heather has been used successfully, especially in Germany, to treat rheumatic pains. The reason for this is probably because it contains a substance that removes excess uric acid from the body. Heather may be used as both an antiseptic and detoxifier. It … Read More


  STACHYS BETONICA Sell your coat and buy Betony! Old italian proverb Salt: Wood Betony is a herb for the head. Tension , new and older injuries to the head,  headache and to strengthen the connection between gut and brain. It is a relaxant for the muscles, muscous membranes and the nerves. It is good for ulcers and other digestive … Read More


  MATRICARIA CHAMOMILLA “Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.” – Jimi Hendrix Salt: A great digestive helper, good for cramp, constipation, gas, IBS, tension. It is good for fever and suited for mental and physical tension. Mercury: Chamomile is for babies of any age. People who are intolerant to pain, “I can´t bear it” , breathing loudly … Read More


Alchemillas Apotek kommer att erbjuda spagyriska elixir, spagyriska praliner, hydrolat och amuletter på en marknad som äger rum den 3/12 i Stockholm. Välkommen!


  Alkemin är en av världens mest missförstådda traditioner. Höljd i mystik och mysticism, symboler och tecken har den västerländska alkemiska traditionen hållits dold bara för att vara synlig under korta tidsperioder. Från hype till fördömmande och allt där emellan har alkemisterna bevarat en gyllene tråd  som håller den uråldriga vishetstraditionen vid liv och leder den vidare. För djupt i … Read More

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