Spagyric Elixir of Galium Aparine

  Galium Aparine Spagyric Tincture Cleavers is a humble little forestplant that clings to other plants and everybody she meets like velcro. Native Americans call Cleavers Deermedicine. Deers like to sleep on  a bed of cleavers. The Deertype is often tall, slender, with prominent  joints , sensitive  and nervous just as Cleavers. I see it that the Deertype has antlers … Read More

Doubble Spagyric Elixir of Chaga

New Moon in Pisces and the Solar Eclipse I am preparing a doubble spagyric tincture of Chaga, often called the King of Medicinal Mushrooms. For the Spagyricist TIMING is important . The Chaga was harvested with the celestial forces of the summer solstice . I have made a slow decoction since midsummer when I found Chaga and continued with a … Read More

The Travelers Elixir

    RESA Spagyriskt Elixir för resenären. Detta ayurvediska reseelixir stödjer kroppens förmåga till flexibilitet för optimal mental och fysisk funktion under resan. Det främjar sunda sömnmönster, hjälper till att eliminera gifter som samlas pga oregelbundna mat och sovrutiner, stödjer matsmältningen, immunförsvaret, luftvägarna och det centrala nervsystemet 10 vatabalanserade örter: ASHWAGANDHA (adaptogen, hjälper kroppen under stress, ger energi och lugnar … Read More

Melissa Officinalis Spagyric Elixir

  Melissa officinalis Lemonbalm is ruled by Jupiter. The Guru (The sanskrit name for Jupiter is Guru) of our solarsystem. I have prepared this spagyric tincture on thursdays. The teachings of Lemonbalm is to live in joy and approaching life in a childlike wonder, percieving life how it really is beyond psychological conditioning. This is the key that unlocks the … Read More

Spagyric Elixir of Wild Rose

  Elixir of Wild Rose This is one of the most profound Spagyric Tinctures I have made. It is the secret of the heart. A rose is a rose is a rose. First and all the Rose is a healer for the Heart. It evokes beauty, openness and gentleness. The petals unfolding at it´s centre just as our hearts unfold … Read More

Spagyric Elixirs for sale

Here is  a little list of some of the spagyric tinctures I have for sale. You can read about most of them in previous posts. Singular ones: Sambucus Nigra (Elder) Verbascum Thapsus (Mullein) Equistum Arvense (Horsetail) Hypericum Perforatum (St Johns Wort) Epilobium Angustifolium  (Fireweed) Angelica Archangelica Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandharoot) Alchemilla Vulgaris (Lady´s Mantle) Artemisia Vulgaris  (Mugwort) Galium … Read More

Passiflora Incarnata Spagyric Elixir

PASSIFLORA INCARNATA Passionflower was discovered by Spanish Jesuits in Peru in the 17th century and brought back to Europe. Of course this was not the discovery of this magical plant, the Peruvians used the flower as a sedative long before the Jesuits came there. Once it spread to Europe, it was used to treat restlessness and agitation, along with other … Read More

The Secret Fire

“Fire is at the root and about the root – I mean about the center of all things both visible and invisible. It is in Water, Earth and Air, it´s in minerals, herbs and beasts; it is in men , stars and angels. But originally it is in God Himself; for he is the fountain of heat and fire, and … Read More


 The new year has begun. I am busy making elixirs as usual but I have more orders nowdays. Thank you everybody that has been supporting me. I have many returning customers and I am very happy that my elixirs have helped customers with insomnia, to stop smoking and many other things. (To be more independent, love themselves etc. This is … Read More

Cypress Hydrosol

I have been distilling cypress when the moon was in Sagitarius on the planetary day and hours of Jupiter . Wishing I could transmit the aroma. In one word: Viriditas ! Huge, wise, happy, smoky, uplifting , holy, just like Jupiter-energy. I made a parfumeoil with it that I am very happy with. Viriditas (Latin, literally “greenness,” formerly translated as … Read More

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