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More Hydrosols

70 kr



Hydrosols are the distilled herbal waters from the process of steamdistillation of essential oils.

In alchemy the sulphur principle represents the initial light and the source of life, and it manifests in the essential oil, which is the soul of the plant. So hydrosols contain the soul of the plants and they operate especially on the level of the soul.


It is possible to order other hydrosols from me than the ones listed in the shop. I distill regularly as a part of the spagyric process and I want to share what I do not need for spagyrics or what we use in my family. We bathe with hydrosol in the water, we drink them diluted, use them in cooking, as skincare , medicinally, for cleaning and laundry, to alter the vibration in a space or change of mood. We use them daily. Children and animals are very fond of them.


Just specify which one you would like to order.

They all come in a 30 ml brown glass bottle with a spraypump.

The price is 70 kr + shipping.

All hydrosols should be diluted in water before taken internally.

5-12 months stability. Keep dark, cool, preferably refrigerated.


The herbs I distill are grown organically in my garden or by friends, or grow in the wild.

They are harvested and distilled at astrologically optimal moments.



Lindenflower –honeylike aroma and scent, calm, harmony, veriditas (the green lifeforce)

Good for memory, soothing to the soul, great to drink diluted if you have a fever, dreamwork.


Meadowsweet – honeylike aroma and scent, floral, almondy, like a feminine archetype of planet Mars. Good for pain in the muscles and joints, good for ulcers, menstrual cramp and headache.


Oregano – slightly sharp, aromatic, pungent with a hint of sweetness

Good for digestion, inner flora, candida, gargle with for flu, throatpain, as a mouthrinse for problems with gums and karies, cleansing for the blood and the lymphatic system.


Lady´s Mantle – heavenly, green, uplifting

Use as a spritz and toner for the skin, rejuvinating and astringent for the skin of the face, magical, the portal to the plantkingdom.


St John´s Wort – fruity, euphoric, joyous

Good for melancholy to drink diluted in water and spritz around you to rise in a cloud from the bed in the morning, good for leaky energy, boundaries.


Cleavers – slightly sweet, springlike, herbal

Good for flow of inner fluids, lymphatic system, creative flow, let go of unwanted patterns.


Elderflower – sweet, juicy, tasty

Very good to drink diluted when you have the flu or a fever, good to spray on sore muscles or pain in the body.


Cypress – wonderful, green, expansive, slightly smoky, resinous, full of viriditas, joyous, huge, happy, wise.

Good to drink diluted if you accumulate water before menstruation, good for varicose veins, hemorrhoids.


Orange – the aroma and scent is like the soul of the orange , joyous, antidepressant.

Good to alter the atmosphere of a space to become mildly euphoric and friendly. Libidoenhancing.


Mugwort – do not smell very good but the taste is interesting, good for lucid dreaming, dreamwork, wild goddess archetype, good for tarotreadings and divination, intuition, full moon rituals.


Chamomile – heavenly, aromatic, calming, soothing to the soul and emotions, good for crying or teething babies to spray around them or put diluted in a bottle to drink, good for red itchy skin, anti-inflammatory, acne, good for insomnia, stress, anxiety,as a makeup remover.


Lemonthyme – heavenly aroma and scent, uplifting, green

Good to spray on the temples if there is too much mental activity, good to spray on acne and taken internally for that and also in candida overgrowth.


Yarrow – smells like a wet sock but the effect is incredible to spray on tattoos to heal, scrapes, bites, wounds, very good for hemorrhoids, spritually healing.


Sacred Basil (Tulsi ) – divine scent, happy, blissful

good to boost immunity, to lift the spirit, create sacred space, good for stress, tension , fear, worry and anxiety.


Lemonbalm – slightly pungent

Uplifting, calming, happy, the holy child, opening the heart, good to put undiluted on herpes to heal fast.


Lilac – Like a portal to the faeryrealm, magic, glamour, intuition, the mystery, fearyvision, initiation, very good in a mojito.


Cherryblossom – hypnotic, sweet, magical, glamour

Calming, heavy, sedative. Described by a threeyearold as : “Glamour…rainbow…glamour”

Helpful when there is fear of the unknown.


Wild rose – smells like a real rose which can be dissapointing to those who are accustomed to fake rose. This is less strong, subtle, mild, soothing, heavenly

Cleansing, astringent, rejuvinating for the skin as a spritz, good for the emotional heart, loving and accepting , good for PMS, menopause, melancholy. Magical diluted in a glass of champagne.


Bay Laurel – warm, magical, higher intelligence, good for rituals, oracle, divination, energywork, high vibration, see through the veil.


Angelica seed – divine smell and taste, high vibration, crownchakra, angelic, magic, ritual work, cleansing a space, calling the guardian angel, channel, casting a circle, untie karmic knots.


Wormwood – beautiful masculine scent

As a body mist, do not take internally unless very diluted if you have parasites or malaria.


Calamusroot – divine, holy , aromatic, pungent, high vibration, expression, good for the throat diluted, to sing, for writing, speaking, anointing, magic.


Goldenrod – fresh, green, very tasty

Disolves old anger, cleans emotionally, good for kidneys and liver as a detox, good for allergy. Drink diluted as a springcleaning. Strengthens the heart and solarplexus.


Fieweed – the smell is not so good, but it is very good in case of candida, to heal the gut, after a trauma to rise like a phoenix from the ashes, healing, seeing the core , the truth, the heart and the essential.


Pineapple sage – light, soft, sweet

The archetype of Jupiter! Humorous, generous, kind and expansive.


Mandarine – sweet, heavenly, heavy

Sedative, hypnotic, good for winding down diluted in water, both for kids and adults.


Green Aniseseed – good for digestion and gas, grounding.


Lemonpeel – Good as inner cleanse in warm water as a morningdrink, good for cleaning ones home, spray on surfaces and wipe clean!


Clary Sage- divine, hypnotic, euphoric, eases PMS, menopause, dreamy, sensualm. Recomended to add a little to a glass of champagen for partying!


Red Clover- Rödklöver – detoxify, strengthening and building blood, good for PMS (spray on achy breasts) and menopause. Very good to take internally and spray on exzema , especially kids respond very well to red clover.