I am making a spagyric Prana Elixir. Prana is lifeforce which enters the body through the breath and is sent to every cell through the circulatory system. This elixirs is for deep breathing and contains long pepper, black pepper, mullein, eucalyptus, ginger, elecampane, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, vanilla, licoriceroot and sacred basil. It will contain the hydrosol of sacred basil (Tulsi). … Read More


Hydrosols are the distilled herbal waters in the process of steamdistillation of essential oils. In alchemy the sulphur principle represents the initial light and the source of life, and it manifests in the essential oil, which is the soul of the plant. So hydrosols contain the soul of the plants and they operate on a high vibration and on the … Read More


INTRODUKTION TILL DEN SPAGYRISKA KONSTEN WORKSHOP i Örtalkemi med Lisa Jeannin Denna workshop äger rum under 2 helger , varav den ena i juni och den andra i augusti 2017. Man kan inte gå endast en av modulerna. Det kommer att vara intensiva moduler då du kommer att få nycklar som öppnar upp dörren till naturens och alkemins hemligheter och … Read More


  SCUTELLARIA GALERICULATA Skullcap makes you feel like you have a helmet on your head that calms and protects you. Salt: A supreme nerve remedy with great sedative powers. Cooling, relaxant and calming to the nerves. Skullcap is also good for tense headaches. Mercury: Scutella means shield in latin. Skullcap is a comforting herb, traditionally used to alleviate nervous tension … Read More


  HYSSOPUS OFFICINALIS “Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean.” Psalm 51:7,  The Bible Salt: Hyssop is a fever remedy , indicated in  “slow fever”  where nerves are affected so reactions and movements are slow, numb and weak. It is deeply penetrating, opening pores and passageways deep inside the body, as well as the skin, releasing heat through … Read More


  TILLIA CORDATA “Love is space and time measured by the heart.” – Marcel Proust Salt:  Lindenflower is cooling internal heat, warm skin, fever. It is good for restlessness, hyperactivity and panic attacks. It is supporting the respiratory system, good to take for influenza and to expell mucus in the lungs. Mercury: Linden is soothing to the nerves, comforting to … Read More


  SOLIDAGO VIRGAUERA Solidago comes from the Latin word solidus, which means: “whole” as in “to make one whole” or to bind or bring together. Salt:Goldenrod supports the kidneys, is good for a cold stomach and  low metabolism. It is a warming, bitter and pungent remedy that is stimulating and increases digestion. Goldenrod can be helpful in allergies, especially cat … Read More


  ALOYSIA CITRODORA When life gives you lemon verbena, make Chartreuse. An alchemical recipe reached the religious order’s headquarters at the Grande Chartreuse monastery, in Voiron, near Grenoble. It has since then been used to produce the “Elixir Végétal de la Grande Chartreuse”. Only two monks at a lifetime know the secret ingredients. Lemon verbena is one of them. Salt: … Read More


  SYRINGA VULGARIS “The lilac branches are bowed under the weight of the flowers: blooming is hard, and the most important thing is – to bloom.” ( A Story About The Most Important Thing ) – Yevgeny Zamyatin Salt: Syringa means tube in latin and the signature is the spine, our inner tube filled with cerebrospinal fluid. The branches of … Read More


  VIOLA RIVINIANA “Do you think amethysts can be the souls of good violets?” –        L.M. Montgomery Salt: Violets are suited when mucosal membranes are dry, for dry caugh, and indicated in lymphatic stagnation. Violets works as a dissolver and may ease constipation. Mercury: Violets are soothing to the restless and calming to the nerves. Reduces excessive and unwanted thoughts. … Read More

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