Urtica Dioica

”How much men are like the nettle!

My friends, remember this, that there are no weeds, and no worthless men, there are only bad farmers.”

– Victor Hugo


Ruled by Mars and just like the red planet and the blood, it is full of iron. It builds and purifies the blood, it is alkalizing, full of nutrients, many other minerals and chlorophyl. It cools stinging and burning and act as an anti inflammatory.



Nettle is a great protector against inflammation but also on an energetic level in acting as a guardian of ones integrity. It is good to call on Nettle when one feels invaded or to release heat when one is angry or frustrated or when inflamed. Nettle keeps you cool.


Nettle works with complicated protein building-blocks to build some of the most complex molecules used by the body, by removing uric acid from the waste products of the system. Nettle provides a know-how. It is useful to take a cure of nettle as an internal spring cleaning.

In this way it may be helpful in preventing seasonal allergies.


150 kr