Sambucus Nigra

The name Elder has to do with “Eld”, fire. It is a fever remedy.

Sambucus comes from the latin term for a musical instrument – The Pan Pipes – which were originally made from the hollow stems of Elder.


This hollow signature is reflected as Elder used as a remedy opens all tubes of the body (skin, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood vessels) improving oxygenation, blood flow, perspiration, and elimination by the colon or kidneys. Elder is a relaxant, helpful in spasmodic cough and spasm in the stomach.

The berries are blood building and together with the flowers are healing when you have a fever. Also helpful in red dry irritated skin of the cheeks, as it opens the tubes and pores and lubricates the skin. It improves respiration, digestion and kidney function.



Imagination is the channel of communication from another dimension. Tubular plants such as Elder and Angelica have long been associated with the shamanic journey to the Underworld. The lore surrounding the Elder is immense and mysterious. The Elder serves as a doorway to the Underworld, or magical faery realm.


I start to prepare the Elixir in July when I distilled the flowers and let them macerate until I collected the berries and let them macerate together with the flowers, creating a double tincture from the white flowers that look like five pointed stars and the dark purple almost black berries. These are signatures of saturn, the polar qualities of father time and mother of death and rebirth.

The spagyric tincture is a great antioxidant and aids to improve immunity in winter time. It is also a gatekeeper to the spirit world. It is called Elder for a reason! It is a teacher of nature, of time, life and death.


150 kr
Lavandula Angustifolia
More Hydrosols



Hydrosols are the distilled herbal waters from the process of steamdistillation of essential oils.

In alchemy the sulphur principle represents the initial light and the source of life, and it manifests in the essential oil, which is the soul of the plant. So hydrosols contain the soul of the plants and they operate especially on the level of the soul.


It is possible to order other hydrosols from me than the ones listed in the shop. I distill regularly as a part of the spagyric process and I want to share what I do not need for spagyrics or what we use in my family. We bathe with hydrosol in the water, we drink them diluted, use them in cooking, as skincare , medicinally, for cleaning and laundry, to alter the vibration in a space or change of mood. We use them daily. Children and animals are very fond of them.


Just specify which one you would like to order.

They all come in a 30 ml brown glass bottle with a spraypump.

The price is 70 kr + shipping.

All hydrosols should be diluted in water before taken internally.

5-12 months stability. Keep dark, cool, preferably refrigerated.


The herbs I distill are grown organically in my garden or by friends, or grow in the wild.

They are harvested and distilled at astrologically optimal moments.

70 kr