Oregano Vulgaris

The Joyous Mountain. From Greek oreiganon, from oros “mountain” + ganos “brightness”


Oregano has extraordinarily powerful natural antibiotic qualities. The strong phenol antioxidants destroy pathogenic bacteria, viruses and yeasts.

Oregano is antiseptic, an aid for ear, nose and throat, respiratory infections, candida and any sort of bacterial or viral conditions.

It is a powerful aid when inflammation is around especially colds and flus with chills and shivering as well as respiratory tract infections with profuse mucus and chilliness. Very good at the beginning of measles to lessen the course of the disease.

Oregano also works for the digestion, abdominal swelling and belching.



It relaxes the mind, balances the emotions and banishes mental fatigue. Oregano is promoting clarity of thought.



Oregano opens the solar plexus and installs courage and the power to complete a mission. It is good for people who start projects but have trouble finishing them. When the mountain has been climbed, experience the joy of a new perspective.


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Epilobium Angustifolium

Rising from the ashes like a phoenix – the survivor


Fireweed is good for candida overgrowth and works on our small intestine and colon to create a healthy environment where beneficial digestive bacteria can flourish, nutrients can flow into our body, and waste products can easily move out. It supports our intestines in discriminating between what we need to absorb and what we need to let go of. This helps keep our whole system in a state of balance.


Fireweed is a survivor. It is the often one of the first plants to reestablish itself after an environmental disaster such as a clear-cut or a forest fire. It works similarly for a person who has gone through an emotional forest fire, where everything seems to have crumbled or fallen apart around you or when you feel cut off from what you were used to. Fireweed helps to let go of the last bits of what is no longer serves our good so we can come back and let the secret fire in our hearts initiate a new beginning. It is like the sunrise after the dark night of the soul.


Fireweed is a good long-term remedy. Often, long-standing imbalances do not show up over night but develop over time, and our body, mind and soul take time to recover. Fireweed represents the promise that beauty will return after bodily sickness or environmental destruction. When woodlands are damaged from fire, or clear-cutting, it is fireweed that brings the first promise of recovery. It reminds us that nature has her healing cycle too.


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Hydrosol of Thymus Vulgaris
Hydrosol of Thymus Vulgaris
Flowery and sweet scent.

Hydrosol of Thyme may be used for:

  • Acne. I recomend using the spagyric tincture internally and the hydrosol to spray on areas with acne.
  • Flu and cold, spray around you and take 1 teaspoon in a little warm water. For children with a flu or cold, 1/2 teaspoon. It supports the immunesystem and is disinfectant.
  • As a mouthrinse after brushing the teeth, for children prone to caries.
  • Very tasty in cooking.
  • Yeast and fungal infections, candida.

Thyme has a strengthening effect on the mind. Thyme stimulates the Thymus gland and the adrenal cortex, which improves immunity and self-identity.

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