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Welcome to experience a gong-session.
A deeply relaxing experience.

The gong brings healing and transformation on all levels. On the physical , to the emotional and spiritual levels the vibrations and frequencies of the gong can initiate a positive change when experiencing a gong-bath.

“Physical sound can lead you to the
inner vibrations of prana.
Prana is the cause of all sound,
And sound is the expression of prana.” – Swami Satchidananda


Prana is life-energy.

Gong is a form of therapy, a spiritual massage through frequency with the ability to repair the nervous system and heal emotional wounds.

The vibration of the gong fills you with energy, facilitate the flow of the vital force and initiate the body´s own self-healing mechanism. The sound of the gong creates space in the conciousness and raises awareness.

“The Gong has the power of creativity.
Absolutely it is a therapy.
And it can expand the mind
Beyond its horizon”


“Gong is the sound
That projects you out of your realm
To the infinity.” – Yogi Bhajan

A session lasts about 1,5 hour and the price is 800 kr.

A session usually consists of a conversation followed by a gong-bath where you lie down comfortably and experience the frequencies of the Chiron Gong.

We may also work with mudras (handpositions), breathingtechniques and mantras depending on your needs.

Book a session via e-mail.

Lisa studied with Mehtab Benton.