Lemon Balm

150 kr

“See the world as if for the first time; see it through the eyes of a child, and you will suddenly find that you are free” – Deepak Chopra


Calming for the physical as well as the emotional heart. Good for indigestion, gas and bloating.


Lemon balm is a plant with both mood and cognitive-enhancement properties. It is calming, soothing anxiety and is spiritually uplifting. It brings joy and wonder to the user.


Lemon balm was the favorite herb of Paracelsus, the father of spagyria, who believed it would 'revivify a man' and called it “the elixir of life”. 12th century herbalist Saint Hildegarde von Bingen said “Lemon balm contains within it the virtues of a dozen other plants.”

Lemon balm is ruled by jupiter, the largest planet of our solar system, mainly composed of gas. Jupiter is called Guru in India, and the archetype of jupiter has to do with expansion, joy and the inner teacher.

Lemon balm instills a childlike wonder. It is possible and necessary to reinstall this quality if it is lost. This is the teaching of Lemon balm.



Spagyric tincture of Melissa Officinalis.

Take 7-14 drops directly on the tongue or in a little warm water or tea when in need.


Melissa Officinalis