Agrimonia Eupatoria

“Torturedly cheerful”


An astringent that tones the tissues but is used to relax the tissues. It is this paradox that is the magic that agrimony shares with many other medicinal plants.

States of stress such as spasms of the stomach, tension headaches, menstrual cramps where the person tries to hide it by pretending that everything is ok, “torturedly cheerful”

Pain in the spine, flu when you have pain in your joints.

Agrimony is also good for the kidneys and liver, poor digestion (indication: fat and undigested pieces of food in the poo), prevention of gall and kidney stones.

Incontinence, cystitis, urinary tract infection.



Agrimoy is superior for releasing tension and spasm, both on a physical and a psychological level. Agrimony is specifically indicated for those who try to hide their pain with a smile, behind a sophisticated and easy-going facade. Matthew Wood (The Earth Wise Herbal Vol 1) uses the phrase “torturedly cheerful” and it is very fitting.



Agrimony supports the connection between the brain and the other brain – the gut feeling, the enteric system. Agrimony is about strengthening the gut and is good for people who get pain in the belly out of concern and worry, around meals and eating or nervous, tense social situations. Pressing the emotions down into the gut.

80% of Serotonin is produced in the gut, far more than in the brain. One should never underestimate the gut feeling.



150 kr




Self-Heal initiates selftransformation. On all levels. In chinese medicine, all-heal is usually prescribed for liver-support, also for children.

It is a woundhealer and antibacterial.

Good for sore throat.


The 17th-century botanist, herbalist, physician and astrologer Nicholas Culpeper wrote that the plant is called Self-Heal because ‘when you are hurt, you may heal yourself’. He was a physician of the people and treated the poor free of charge.

Like me he also found that it is sad that the soul is often completely forgotten within allopathic medicine.


“Many a times I find my patients disturbed by trouble of Conscience or Sorrow, and I have to act the Divine before I can be the Physician. In fact our greatest skill lies in the infusion of Hopes, to induce confidence and peace of mind.”

I believe that All-Heal can motivate and help us listen to our own inner guidence. To tune in to better understand how we can live through disease and trauma and get the power to self-heal.


I made a flower-essence according to Dr Bach , a  direct sun-light infusion, the day I understood what the teachings of All-Heal is about. I connect this flower to the planet Jupiter. It is about hope and the will to selftransformation and grow through the difficulties of life.

All-Heal helps us in knowing what we need to take care of and do for ourselves to be able to heal.



Angelica Archangelica Angelica Sylvestris

As above – So below


Angelica is bitter, warming and aromatic.

It can be useful in treatment of swellings, inflammations and glandular indurations, particularly of the head and neck region. Good for circulation, for cold hands and feet. Used for fever.

It is good for anguish, spasms, nervous excitation and fatigue; calms excess in both the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system. It is good for PMS and excessive bleeding while menstruating.

Can be used for for arthritis and gout. Good for the liver, increases digestion and metabolism of oil and production of bile, hence increases digestion and nutrition. It relaxes the throat and makes it easier to take long deep breaths. It simultaneously opens the imagination and the mind when prana (life force through breath) can flow.


Angelica is an important Shamanic plant among the Saami people of the North.

In Native American herbalism it is referred to as a “Bear Medicine”. Just as the bear goes into hibernation through the winter, bear medicine usually relax the mind, open the imagination and bring people into dreamtime. Angelica certainly has this capacity.

Bears eats these roots upon awakening in spring to wake up, clear their throat and start rebuilding their mass.


I see Angelica as an embodiment of the Alchemical device “As above so below”.

The deep aromatic root and the umbrella-like flower full of starlike seeds are connected through a hollow stem, a channel connecting the heaven and the earth. This is one of the effects the Spagyric Tincture may have upon you – making you feel like this channel.

Angelica connects you with your guardian angel, or if you prefer to call it your higher self.

150 kr

Shines in places where the sun don´t shine


Calendula is indicated for damp/stagnation and heat from cold. A tissue may become depressed in function and the vital force want´s to activate and get it moving by initiating an inflammatory response. So there is heat from cold and damp.

Calendula is good for antibiotic trauma, leaky gut syndrome and food intolerances. It is also good for lymphatic swelling and great when there is a residual sluggish feeling after a flu, low energy and swollen lymphnodes. It moves the debris out of the system, dead white bloodcells and bacterial cells.


When there is a food intolerance triangle, one experiences mood energy symptoms, food intolerance and joint pain or skin issues. Beer-belly, gluten-belly.

Call for Calendula! It is a bitter tonic that works on the liver and helps with digestive imbalance.

Calendula is good for anxiety and depression especially when accompanied by these other symptoms.


Calendula is moving what has stagnated in our defense system , also on a psycho-spiritual level. Reclaiming ones boundaries and making full use of the energy we allready possess. It has to do with recognizing and using our wealth . Calendual can live everywhere. It teaches the magic of universal opportuinty. Prosperity and abundance is available to all of us no matter of the socio-economic situation.

The energy is connected to the solar archetype of Apollo. The light of the inner sun!

Taraxacum Officinale

“Most of the dandelions had changed from suns into moons” – Vladimir Nabokov


The root of dandelion is cooling, strengthening for the liver and strengthening in general. Promoting the production of bile, strengthening the lymphatic system, cleansing for the blood and good for digestion.

Dandelion is one of the most important herbs for expelling toxins from the tissues of the body and is good to use in all cases of chronic inflammations for example inflammations of the skin and joints as well as rheumatism. Dandelion is excellent for a weak or overworked liver. It is good to use Dandelion to strengthen oneself after an illness or as a general spring cleaning tonic.



According to Ayurveda, anger accumulates in the liver and gall-bladder. Dandelion is a powerful plant in helping to let go of this anger so we don´t carry it inside us. It is a detoxifier that works on the emotional and mental being, as well as the physical. It is especially good for clearing out old anger that has not been processed, especially if the pattern was established in childhood.

The liver is the organ of transformation and inner alchemy.


Dandelion works on the solar plexus. The energy is dynamic and promotes body consciousness and freedom. It gives us the capacity to understand and express pain that seems beyond understanding. Dandelion helps us reclaim our innocence and to take responsibility for how we feel and act.

I believe that nature puts the medicines humans need in abundance right in their gardens, even growing through concrete, for a reason.

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Rosmarinus Officinalis
Hydrosol Of Rosmarinus Officinalis

A green, sweet and spicy scent.

Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant.

  • It stimulates the liver and gallbladder, promoting production of bile and aiding digestion.
  • It is also useful during a fast or cleanse to reduce hunger and aid detoxification. Add a teaspoon to a glass of water. It is delicious to cook with.
  • It is a mental and physical stimulant. It makes a good coffee substitute for those wanting to cut down on caffeine.
  • It is good for memory and dreamrecall. Good to sparay around you when studying.
  • I connect it with the crownchakra.
  • Rosemary makes the hair thick and shining. Spray the scalp to increase hairgrowth.

Do not use internally when pregnant or nursing.

70 kr
Salvia Officinalis

Sage is for the practicing mystic – I walk my talk


Sage is used for irritations and inflammations of the throat and respiratory system. Sage has an action on the liver, gallbladder and the digestive system and helps the liver to break down fat. Regulates sweating.



Purification of the self and purity in communication. Support in delivering our messages. Sage reconnects us to who we are and helps us to recognise wisdom in everything. How each reflection of life is a reflection of our own nature, as we hold the whole universe within our own being.



Sage helps with integration of the spiritual and the physical worlds together, dissolving the boundary between the mundane and the sacred, helping to bring knowledge into the heart where it can transform into wisdom. Sage is a wise plant teacher of many secrets.


150 kr
Verbena Officinalis

Sacred herb of the druids.


Bitter tonic – good for digestion, moving stuck liver energy, nervine – good for burnt-out nervous system, relaxant – especially for tension in the neck, shoulder, head region, very good for painful menses and PMS, also for hot flashes.



Vervain helps the entrepreneur to unwind and stop working at home. It is indicated for list makers, for people with mental excess as it moves the energy downwards and works as a remedy of embodiment. Vervain people tend to neglect themselves, they forget to eat, drink water, clean the house, exercise etc.

Instead they tunnel vision on their goal and loose sight of other important facets of their life which can fall wayside.



Indicated for driven visionaries that can burn out from over exhaustion yet be constantly striving. Vervain helps the soul to center and ground its tremendous enthusiasm. The body becomes a natural regulator and harmoniser for the abundant spiritual forces that pour out of such a person, a soul that is able to inspire, lead and heal others.


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