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5 Berries Elixir

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“Medicine prepared in the stars and the stars become the medicine.”


The fruit ; the berry, carries the wisdom and knowledge of life. The seed of life. Reincarnation and rebirth into new form. Life is transformation. The formula of the five berries is a unity of the five elements. It connects us with the eternal wisdom and the guiding light and intelligence of nature. Stars within the seeds and the seeds within the stars.

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A spagyric formula for inner and outer beauty. When we can eliminate toxins and let go, keep boundaries,have a strong immunity, an open and brave heart that operates from a place of love, one can handle the stress of the world and walk the way of the heart with integrity. Then there is true and vibrant beauty that shines from within.




The quintessence is created in the union of the elements. Unity resides in the centre, within the heart.



A merging of Eastern and Western Alchemy.



Spagyric Tincture containing the spirit, soul and purified mineral salts of :

Amalaki , also called indian gooseberry, is one of the three berries in the famous Trifala-formula. It is cooling, and helps in eliminating toxins and to do the big one regularly every day.


The spirit of Elder is the gatekeeper between the imaginary realm and this reality. Elderberry is a great for circulation and immunity and gives us wisdom and guidance of the elders through our dreams.


Hawthornberry is a great heart-tonic but it also connects us to our hearts in a bigger way as it assists us to be openhearted and in tune with our inner rythm.


Gojiberry is a great antioxidant, good for eye-sight and inner vision, to see clearly. Goji is also good for clear skin.


Schizandraberry is adaptogenic, it helps us deal with stress on all levels.

It is the five-tastes berry that supports all organsystems of the body.


Hydrosol of Elder, extracted mineral salts of the above mentioned herbs, organic alcohol.


Take 7-14 drops in the morning directly on the tongue or in a little warm water.

Crataegus Oxyacantha


Sambucus Nigra

This elixir was originally created for an initiationritual for the priestesses of the Sophia temple.

Photo by Katarina Falkenberg.