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Hydrosol of Mentha Piperita

70 kr

Spicy yet cooling and refreshing scent.

Peppermint awakens the mind! Drink it in the morning to awaken the body, including the colon.

Spray on the face and body during external or internal (menopause) heatwaves.

Peppermint is phenomenal for concentration, when studying or writing. It cools the nerves but stimulates the mind. Spray a cloud and walk through it before important meetings or work with clients to be alert and present.


The hydrosol of peppermint undiluted is strong, diluted it is like a tasty herbal tea. Good in cooking and as a beverage.

Peppermint supports digestion, is anti-inflammatory and stimulates the mind.

It can be used internally and externally for:

  • Stiff muscles, sprains and pain.
  • With WARM water it is COOLING
  • With COLD water it is WARMING
  • Alternate warm and cold compresses with astonishing result.

Mentha Piperita