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Saw Palmetto

Protector of the family jewels.


Saw palmetto was used by the Native Americans, who collected the berries to create tonics for men. It is widely used in ayurveda as well.
It is used for prostate health primarly.

The powerful berries are used for  benign enlargement of the prostate gland in men, as long as the growth is not large enough to need surgery. It supports the male urogenital tract, and can help men not to get up to go to the toilet in the night. It is helpful for testicular inflammation.


Saw Palmetto is used to reduce hair loss and male baldness. It also preserves and reinforces the skin’s youthful elasticity. It balances the hormones for men and is good for libido.


Saw Palmetto balances the male energy and helps the man to embody the good , true and beautiful sacred masculine.




Spagyric tincture of Serenoa Repens.

Take 3-7 drops every day if you are a man.

Do not use if you are taking prescribed medication for prostate.